Why you should choose aluminium windows

A while back it wasn’t uncommon to come across poorly made aluminium windows and doors (they clearly weren’t made or fitted by Salisbury Glass!) that just didn’t look as good as ones that are available now.

Aluminium windows and doors have made a quick recovery and become something of a beauty in the glass industry. No longer do they cause draughts and soreness to the eyes. In fact aluminium windows are one of the most durable and efficient options available to you. They also need little maintenance throughout their lifetime.

Nowadays Aluminium windows and doors are a brilliant and popular choice. They are available in different colours and finishes, meaning you can get the look you desire as well as having all the benefits of modern windows such as double glazing. Aluminium material seems to be a close competitor to PVC material when choosing windows frames. It is generally confusing for homeowners to decide whether they should use PVC or Aluminium for their homes. It would be easy for homeowners to choose the best material by reading a few informative articles.

When comparing both the material, a great thing about aluminium windows and doors is that because the material is so much stronger than its counterparts, you need less of it to hold the glass in place. This means you can have smaller frames and achieve a much sleeker look than you can get with materials such as UPVC. For window installments and replacements, you can consult a contractor company online on their website such as https://www.charlottewindowreplacement.net/ to get window treatment advice.

The good thing about using aluminium frames is that they are completely weatherproof, resistant to rust and corrosion, as well as there is no expansion with weather changes.

The frames are usually cheaper than if you opt for timber, and they will last a great deal longer too. Timber needs staining and weather-proofing to ensure a long life, but aluminium is born this way.

To get your own aluminium windows and doors get in touch with Salisbury Glass today and book and find your dream windows and doors right away.