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Though this website began as a means of advertising my own work, services and studio, hitting the 11,800-monthly visitor counter told me there was a growing desire by visitors to access more from this community. The decision to allow businesses to advertise their own products and services on was therefore one that became a necessity to keep up with this huge visitor demand.

Along with a surge of monthly traffic came the numerous requests for recommendations on reputable companies and products that I would personally use, or even recommend, for all art supplies and accessories. This then lead to further requests for other business-related recommendations such as photo printing providers, home furnishing companies and reviews of local course providers – to name but a few.

Why Advertising With Makes Business Sense

In short, the arts and craft community has always relied on each other for reputable recommendations, and never has this been more evident than in the online community of Each one of the 11,800 members to this website will click on an advert at least once during their visit – consequently informing others about their findings.

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