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Which Eco-Friendly Bagging Material is Right for You?

If you run a retail business, you probably need to provide shopping bags for your customers. It used to be that single-use plastic bags were the industry standard, but shops all across the globe have been steadily moving towards more eco-friendly materials. There are a wide range of options on offer, so we thought we’d […] More

4 Reasons to Use Paper Bags for the Christmas Rush

Christmas is a great time for retailers, but, let’s face it, the festive period can also be more than a little stressful. Increased footfall means more customers to deal with each day, and most of them will be a little stressed out themselves if they’ve left the Christmas shop to the last minute. As such, […] More

Paper Bag Crafts: Nativity Scene

Christmas is coming up fast and it will soon be here. It’s time to get all your Christmas crafts and decorations thought through. If you have small children who are learning about the nativity scene at school it is a great idea to get them to get creative with a bit of home learning. This […] More

Craft Projects from Amateur To Professional

When it comes to arts and crafts projects, there is a range of options that you have going from amateur to professional, depending on your intent and your budget. If you’re trying to make money, you’ll approach it from one direction. If you’re trying to learn something or do something with your family, you can […] More

Softwood or Hardwood: Which is better for your timber workbench?

When it comes to the material for your workbench there are two main options; softwood timber and hardwood timber. The best choice will differ depending on what your requirements are. The terms are slightly misleading as they do not give any indications to the density or strength of the wood. The term hardwood typically refers […] More

How to Turn a Paper Bag into a Plant Hanger

Everyone knows how good paper bags are for the environment – after all, they’re way easier to get rid of responsibly than single-use plastic bags. Of course, you don’t need to get rid of your paper bags at all since they can be repurposed in all sorts of fun ways. More

Etsy makes new cuts to Irish workforce

Etsy, the online arts and crafts marketplace, has begun laying off employees at its European headquarters in Dublin as part of a significant round of redundancies. More

Art review: Eric Gill at Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft

A terrible human being he might have been — does that make Eric Gill less of an artist, too? More