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How To Clean Your Windows In The Winter

Are you unsure of the cleaning protocol for your windows during the cold season? In the winter months, we can be put off cleaning our windows due to the likely event of rain ruining our efforts nearly just after we’ve finished cleaning them More

How to Care for and Maintain Your Kitchen’s Stone Flooring

The way you care for your stone flooring depends on the type of stone and the current condition of the stone.  Types of Stone There are two general classifications of stone, Siliceous Stone and Calcareous Stone. More

How to Create a Serene Backyard Oasis to Enjoy This Summer

Summer gives homeowners a chance to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and their backyard to its fullest. With that said, all too often the backyard isn’t a serene getaway at all and doesn’t have a designated purpose. Unfortunately if that’s the case, the yard is underused and its full potential isn’t realized. So […] More

Sewing – a lost art worth discovering

Sewing is a bit of a lost art. It’s a skill that grandmothers always seem to have, but it rather fell out of fashion and younger generations often have no sewing skills beyond learning to thread a needle in a craft class at school. This is a real shame, as sewing is an incredibly useful […] More

Stylish Jewellery Trends for 2018

If you are fashion conscious and are wondering about this spring and summer, if would like to get an insight into the coming UK fashion trends, this article was written with you in mind. A combination of A-Listers and social media exposure creates new looks all the time, and this year, the word is that […] More

Tips for a dementia-friendly home

Keep in mind that not all of the changes are necessary, read through and pick ones that may work best for you. Make changes you think will need in the future, so you can give yourself time to adjust to changes and then you are prepared when you need them. More

Lacquer Colouring – The perfect Answer for Enhancing Metal Components

Most of the time, a metal component will be treated, otherwise corrosion will soon come visiting, and while painting and indeed, plating are popular choices, if you really want the best of both worlds, lacquer colouring is the ideal solution. Precision made components cannot be plated or painted, as the coatings adds to the already […] More

3 Easy Ways of Adding Luxury to Your Life

Living a life of luxury is one that always seems to break the bank. Whether it be glamorous interiors, vacations in paradise, or the very clothes you have on your back, it sometimes seems as if there is no affordable way of living a life that oozes opulence. Though image isn’t everything, luxury is also […] More

Learn Why Adding a Conservatory is Better than a Standard Extension

Most homeowners wouldn’t turn down a little extra space, so plenty look into extending outwards by adding another room to the ground floor. While there’s nothing wrong with that, you should strongly consider fitting a conservatory instead, and here are just a few reasons why. More

How to Create the Perfect Inspirational Environment

I’m often asked about the environment in which I work; more specifically how I tailor my workspace to create the most inspiring environment that I possibly can. I understand why people are so interested in this question, merely because I have always loved looking through pictures and videos of other artists layouts to see how […] More