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How Do I Find A Contractor To Remodel My House?

Choosing a reliable and trustworty home remodeling contractor in Los Angeles can be an intimidating task as there are lots of options to choose from. But with a bit of research, there’s a bigger chance that you will end up with a worker that it gets the job done well. Nevertheless, if you’re having a […] More

A quick guide to using Siberian larch in home projects

Home improvements are an undertaking that thousands of us launch ourselves into however we often do not properly plan out the process and this inevitably leads to us going over budget with a project that we are ultimately unhappy with. Carpentry ventures may seem daunting but we have developed a guide to take you some […] More

Creative Ways to Personalize Your Car

Driving is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Your very own car and the freedom to go where you please.  But does your car reflect who you are? You may not be able to splash out on a complete makeover. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here are a few ways you can turn an […] More

Being Creative with a Small Garden

If you have a small garden, it is easy to feel restricted with what you can do to make it look amazing. However, with the right planning and right purchases and some creative thinking and ideas, you can do something special with even a small garden that will transform it into a stunning complement to […] More

Here’s why you should choose hardwood decking for your garden

Hardwood decking is a great addition to your back or front garden space, offering a solid and attractive area to lounge, dine or simply relax. Outdoor decking areas are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your outside space and require little maintenance compared to grass areas. If you are seriously considering getting a […] More

Three Reasons to Choose Gloss Wall Tiles for Your Bathroom

Wall tiles are a popular choice for modern bathrooms. After all, they protect against moisture, come in a range of colours, are easy to clean, and can be had without paying the world. Beyond colour, size, shape, and pattern, wall tiles are available in a number of finishes. For example, you will probably be asked […] More

Young designers see red as Gucci ‘rips off’ ideas

As one of the premium fashion houses, Gucci fiercely guards its designs against copycats. Some younger designers believe that the £10 billion brand should turn that ferocity on itself after four accusations of plagiarism this year. More

The Design Museum is so last century

If the fetishism of form is old hat, what function will London’s reborn gallery serve? More